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Updates on atravis GmbH and our products

Now up-to-date - special campaign heatable winter clothing

Just in time for the cold season, we are launching our special campaign with heatable winter clothing so that you don't have to suffer...

The flame-retardant decorative foil for every occasion

The flame-retardant black foil is used for decorative purposes at masked balls, concerts and events of all kinds. Thanks to the flame-retardant finish it also makes your event a safe experience.

New ABK tile mount type Xa

The new ABK Type-Xa use a special raw material compound which is softer and more flexible. The leaves of the joint crosses flex with tile movements without breaking off.

concrete protection mats - now available at your distributor

Are you looking for the right material to protect your concrete in the setting process? Then you will certainly be enthusiastic about...

Make use of our autumn tarpaulin special

Before winter braeaks in a lot of work on facades must be completed. Our scaffolding tarpaulins allow an easy way to protect your work from the influence of the typical autumn weather conditions.