18. Feb 2022

Action stilt bearings and joint crosses

Benefit from our promotion until 15.04.2022!

It is with great pleasure that we send you the early order campaign again this year.

This gives you the opportunity to prepare your warehouse in time for the season and to benefit from a special price.

In addition to our joint crosses, you will also find a wide range of height-adjustable "Hercules" stilt bearings in our range.
As the name suggests, these are built in a strong design. They are therefore especially suitable for heavy porcelain stoneware tiles.
The height-adjustable stilt bearings are made of polypropylene and are designed for a joint width of 4mm.

Of course, you will still find our proven ABK joint crosses in 10mm, 14mm and 17mm height, as well as our ABK type Xa and Xo with a 4mm joint width in our assortment.

For further information, please contact us at 041 920 18 00 or office@atravis.ch.

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