12. Sep 2023

New ABK tile mount Xa and Xo

The new ABK Type-Xa and Type-Xo use a special raw material compound which is softer and more flexible. The leaves of the joint crosses flex with tile movements without breaking off.

The well-known ABK tile mount range has been extended with two additional innovative types. The new types have a milky transparent opacity and are really tough. As with all ABK types, two leaves can be snapped off to make a T-pice from an X-piece. If you break off both leaves, a corner piece is formed. The special feature of both new types is that the leaves can be snapped off with a quick sudden click. If the breaking is done slowly the leaves can no longer be snapped. Slow breaking simulates the behaviour of tile movements when laid. The allows the ABK Xa and ABK Xo to provide a certain resistance to tile movements. To achieve this property, we have developed and applied a special raw material compound.

Link to the ABK range

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