ABK Type Xo

Tile mounts, joint cross

The ABK-Xo is a classic joint cross without lifting protection. With predefined break points, the ABK Type Xo can be shaped into the suitable centre, corner or edge pieces. By simply snapping off the relevant leaf, the required shape can be created. The special features is that the leaves can be snapped off with a quick sudden click. If the breaking is done slowly the leaves can no longer be snapped. Slow breaking simulates the behaviour of tile movements when laid. This enables the ABK Xo to provide a certain amount of resistance to tile movements. The ABK tile mounts Type Xo are supplied in a reusable pot. The empty pot can then be used for a whole range of things, such as a waste container, for mixing paints or concrete, etc.

Product feature


  • spec. Compound


  • transparent


  • UV-stabilised


  • 50mm x 14mm; 4mm
  • according to catalogue
  • Customer-specific production possible

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