starvap vapour barrier

Starvap 100 fric

The extra strong vapour barrier with a very rough surface. Starvap 100 fric is used as a vapour barrier and air seal. Its very rough surface allows a high degree of safety during walking. For this reason Starvap 100 fric is generally used in constructions with rafter insulation. Starvap 100 fric has Fire class E according to DIN EN 13501-1 and a fixed Sd value of 100m according to DIN EN 1931.

Product feature


  • LDPE
  • Foam


  • mixes
  • milky transparent
  • opaque


  • Fire class B1
  • non-slip
  • Fire class E
  • Fire class F
  • coex
  • coloured
  • fixed Sd value


  • various widths and lengths
  • according to catalogue
  • other dimensions on request
  • Customer-specific production possible

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