Accurate productions

Single- and multi-layer sheets are manufactured in the mono- and coextrusion process on the latest extrusion systems. As well as PE, there we also process PP, PA, EVA, biodegradable materials as well as a range of other materials.

We round off the spectrum of properties of the materials with a large selection of additives. In this way, customised solutions are often produced from more than ten different granule types in multiple layers.
To ensure quality we use peripheral upstream gravimetric dosing systems, which allows us to dose up to 5 components per layer directly upstream of the processing with a high degree of precision. Layer thickness measurement devices or specially manufactured augers and tools ensure homogeneous recipes and therefore the quality of your sheets.
At atravis you can select the film which is right from you from a range of standard products, or develop a film specifically for your individual requirements together with our specialists.