Fabrication & lamination

Diverse products

With the rubberising process we combine different sheets and materials into composites. In this way we achieve sheet properties in line with our customers’ requirements.
Composite sheets with two to four films can be rubberised on a particularly powerful rubberising system.

Here we process polyester (PETP) polyamides (PA and OPA), polypropylene (OPP and CPP), aluminium foil, polyethylene (PE), paper and other materials into composites up to 1280 mm in width. The adhesive we use is a solvent-free one- or two-component polyurethane varnish.
For applications in the industrial sector, our solvent-free hot-melt rubberising system is also ideally suited, with a rubberising width of 2000 mm. Not only do we bond standard materials such as plastic films, paper or aluminium strips. In the same process we can also include reinforcing meshes such as mesh grids or fleeces. Simple prints are directly applied in the integrated 2-colour inline print process across the full rubberising width and in high quality.
We have detailed experience of the different requirements for specially manufactured sheet solutions. Whether as a transport medium, as a protective material, as an advertising location, or as a combination of additional functions, we will design your packaging solution exactly to your needs.
The manufacturing of bags and sacks with 60 mm to 2000 mm flat width is done fully automatically. Complex products such as for example safety bags or shipping bags are manufactured particularly efficiently using special equipment. Our carrier bags are manufactured on special handle hole, loop and bow carrier bag machines, and even for the production of shirt bags we have high-performance manufacturing machines.
For products which are particularly intensive in terms of manual work, our partners in Asia offer additional options.